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Who: Kal Rielly
When: July 1, shortly after In the Rain
Where: The Rowland House Front Porch
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

It was getting dark as Kal and the horses wandered through the town. The wet horse smell was now engrained into Kal’s skin, she might just spend the rest of her life smelling like Romeo.

Romeo suddenly turned to the right and Kal gave him a look before fighting to get him to go back to the street they had been on. She had them going on a grid pattern down each street looking for lift…no such luck unless you count that…thing that she had shot. It was one of the multitude of strange creatures she had seen since Fate’s Handmaiden had hit. Kal had taken to ignoring said creatures unless they attacked…or looked edible.

Romeo continued to fight Kal’s direction even as she pulled back steadily on the reigns.

“Whoa! Whoa I said!” Kal hissed as the horse continued on, his head at a funny angle and Kal gave up. In the months since Kal had acquired the three horses she had noted their strange behavior, but her lack of knowledge on horses had let her believe it was simply individual behavior. She wondered if her three equine companions weren’t more exotic than she originally thought. “You’re lucky I just can’t stand to see you walking around with your head all funny.” Romeo looked smug.

Romeo continued down the street, his head up and alert, his ears rotating like mini-radio antenna on his head. Bess and Ace whinnied and neighed behind them and Kal looked at the two.

“You’re in on it too, aren’t you?” she asked and the two horses jerked at their reigns in a nodding motion. “I knew it.” Kal turned forward again, part of her dismissing the behavior as learned since she had, in the beginning, given the horses treats for responding to her talking…another part wondered if she shouldn’t start sleeping with the rifle closer to her sleeping bag.

“I don’t know what to think, the town has lighting, but I haven’t seen a single person,” Kal muttered out loud as Romeo trotted along. He made a mumbling noise and shook his head, slapping Kal’s arms with damp mane hair. “Thank you, now I know the smell of wet horse chased all the people away, that’s why we haven’t seen any.”

Romeo gave a little horse laugh before he stopped and began doing his ear-thing before turning and heading toward a house.

“Okay, hold on boy,” Kal said as he headed toward the house, several lights were on and Kal wondered if they didn’t just find people. “Well I’ll be damned, God bless your little horsey ears.” Of course, Romeo didn’t wait for the blessing, instead he started up onto the porch.

“Hey! Stop that!” Kal cried as she ducked her head to avoid knocking herself stupid on the overhang. “Get down from here!” Romeo looked at the front door curiously and Kal looked behind her to see Bess and Ace squeezing together behind Romeo on the porch steps.

“What’s going on with you three?” Kal wondered before Romeo tapped on the door a few times with his muzzle, apparently discontent with the light tapping sound, instead he gently hit the front door with a hoof, making a funny and heavy sounding knock.

“A great picture we’re going to make with you three standing up here,” Kal scolded and Romeo tilted his head to look at her before snorting and ‘knocking’ again.

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