Fuji Syusuke (asahi_tsubame) wrote in newdawn_rpg,
Fuji Syusuke

[Fuji] Head Hunt

Who: Fuji Syusuke
When: July 1
Where: Close to the store
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

He was slowly getting used to living in the city, Fuji had realized as he woke up this morning. Still, something bothered him. There were too many abnormal things going on, and it tickled his curiousity. He wanted to find out more. Therefore, he slipped outside, making his way down to the store where him and that guy who had that invisible friend or whatever it was as company had found that body a couple of weeks ago. Maybe, just maybe he could find some answers there... He knew he still didn't have it in him to go down to the hospital alone, the prospect of running into zombies again was not appealing to him in the least.

As he apporached the store, he stopped, frowning. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea either, come to think of it. Maybe he should just go back...
Tags: fuji, july_1
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