marieindeluge (marieindeluge) wrote in newdawn_rpg,

[Marie] Backyard Safety

Who: Marie, Aleila
Where: Rowland House, backyard
When: July 1, during In The Kitchen, before the completion of A Crack in Space/Time
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Marie had barely stepped out and onto the lawn when Aleila ran out, as if in a total panic. Marie couldn't imagine what had caused her to panic. She hadn't reacted badly to any of the inhabitants, so what had happened?

Nani ga atta, her mind mused, pulling the Japanese phrase up randomly.

"Aleila?" she asked, reaching out to stop the woman. "Are you okay? What happened? Did somebody start a fight?"

She wanted to pull the woman down, sit her on the soft grass and help her calm down. She looked around. House wasn't going up in smoke, no enemies that she could see, everything should be okay, right? Darnit, Alexei, you've made me paranoid, she mused.
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