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New Dawn

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New Dawn: Panfandom RPG
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New Dawn: A Panfandom Post-Apocalyptic RPG
The Future is Now

In the blinking of an eye, the world as you knew it changed. An indescribable wave rippled through time and space, washing over the universe, the galaxy, the world as you knew it. Barriers between worlds and dimensions broke down, people were swept from one dimension to another. Earthquakes changed the land, tidal waves and tsunamis washed inland, the polar caps began to melt. Lives were snuffed in the blinking of an eye, some people simply died or were incinerated or simply disappeared; others simply appeared. Just as quickly, it was gone, and the world was a changed place. From these ashes, a horrible disease rose up, a last strike against humanity. It spread quickly, wiping out a large percentage of the population in a few weeks.

The world is changed, empty, dead. Except for those few, scattered from one corner of the wasteland that is earth, who lived to see it all and tell the tale. That rag tag remnant that must rebuild in a strange, dangerous and different new world.

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